About Coefficient App


OS: WP7.1, WP8; Price: Free Trial / $0.99 for Ad Free Version

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There are hundreds of calculator apps, note taking apps, list making apps scattered across the smartphone app ecosystem – Tip Calculators, Mortgage Calculators, traditional numeric calculators, Shopping Lists, To Do lists and the list goes on 🙂 Coefficient App (WP7.1, WP8) has taken a new approach to productivity on a smart phone.  You can do most of the tasks through one app. You can create you own customized versions of Tip Calculators, Mortgage Calculators, Shopping Lists etc. And when you pin these calculators/lists to the start screen, it is like having your own suite of apps. Quite obviously you cannot expect it to be the best in each of its ‘avatar’ but its provides you with the ability to customize it the way you want it.

Think of it more like an Excel for smartphones. The excel analogy becomes more evident when you start using the “worksheets”. Worksheets have column of “cells” which can be edited using the “formula bar”. At its heart Coefficient app has a expression based calculator. So you can perform calculations on your phone using classical math expressions – like in a note book. You can key in your comments in each cell. You can also embellish your worksheets with pictures from your photo album or a from the camera (capture your white board scribbling). It comes with the standard library of math & trig functions and commonly used constants. As expected you can create, save & reuse worksheets with notes, calculations, pictures. There is even a pinch zoom feature. However a ‘Save to SkyDrive’ feature is missing presently.

Perhaps the coolest feature is the way this app handles units. You can create expressions with units and you can mix different unit system in expressions. The app resolves units of different systems and throws out the result in the default unit system. Don’t have to worry about having all your numbers in the same unit system!

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Feature list:
– Create worksheets with math expressions, comments, and pictures. Expressions shall be displayed in classical Math notations
– Units aware: Use any system of units to declare quantities and Coefficient will output the results in the User selected Units system
– Built-in Functions, Constants and Units library. Constants library can be extended with more Constants.
– Pin Live Tiles to start screen to create your own “apps suite”.
– Insert pictures from Camera App. Doodles on paper can be captured by Camera App and inserted into worksheet.


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